About Yucicoco®

Yucicoco was born from my passion for fashion, a passion for fine materials, clothing that fits wonderfully, has a stylish appearance and is also feminine. And always looking for the right jewelry and accessories.

Yucicoco stands for stylish and trendy, but the experience is just as important. Women's clothing that can be worn business casual or casual. Clothing that makes you feminine and in which you feel confident and can show off. The look is completed with matching jewelry and accessories.

The order will be packed in such a way that you will be happy when unpacking it. A real gift for yourself, or for someone else. It will be packed with care and with every order you will receive a personal card and thank you.

Yucicoco also stands for openness, honesty and reliability. And attaches great value to your opinion, so that we can make Yucicoco even better in line with your wishes in the future. We have also created an opportunity to give reviews about our products using stars.

Do you have an idea or a wish, please send a message to: info@yucicoco.nl

About me

Yucicoco is my passion and my love, but who is behind it?
My name is Cally Plantenga, I am 46 years old and have always worked in large corporate companies, at the intersection of business and IT-related projects; processes and systems. Always done with great pleasure. And then there was a turning point in my life. What do I really want to do now and what makes my heart beat faster? Start your own business, run your own webshop with stylish women's clothing, trendy jewelry and accessories. Just the thought of it made me happy.

My life motto is: "if you get moving, the way will come naturally".
No sooner said than done.

Kind regards, Cally